Get to know us

Our work is our purpose, our driving force. It's the reason we get up every day and do what we do. Most importantly, it keeps pushing us to achieve bigger and better things with each new challenge.

We are not a usual dance crew with rehearsed choreographies but we do tell stories, in the beginning and at the end of our show, with certain stylistic elements. It is important to us that every dancer can keep their individual dance style and improvise to move freely to the music to keep the vibe of authenticity alive.

Our members

This is Stella Plix:
She  is our biddy with a big heart and a big smile. As original Greek her Aura brings some Ocean Vibes. Wherever she goes people's faces immediately light up. She’s a singer with a strong voice and has got some exotic moves that make you wanna groove all night! We are lucky to call this energy bundle our member!


This is Coco Nachtigall she acts, models and is into design, so hopefully one day she’ll be designing all our costumes  ;)
She’s a beautiful woman inside out, a strong character that she grew over the time. 
A goddess that joins our group with a new vibe, she looks damn serious but she’s joking all the time  ;) 
We're blessed to have you in our group! 


This is Schlesi aka Kleo, she is a Fashion Photographer, Model, Stylist and Creative Mind from Berlin. She’s been into festival fashion and costume designs for the past couple of years and has a very unique and authentic style. Her grounding energy is the glue for our collective. We're incredibly happy to have her strive with us.

@kleos_bubble @photos_by_schlesi

This is Mae:
She is original from New York, a very carring and compassionate Character that´s all into fitness and health. She crashes our Collective as a 5th strong Charakter that brings an immense positive Energy. 
We can´t wait for our shared future giggles!


This is Marlena:
She´s a spiritual soul and soon to be coach and communications expert. 
She’s an observer of the world – bc that's the most interesting movie that's ever going to happen. 
She loves to exchange with people in order to laugh and enjoy together, because far too often things are getting too serious. 
She will not only cast a spell on you with her bright turquoise eyes and passionate dance moves, but also with her cheerful and compassionate Aura. She will always have an open ear and open heart for you and always has a good advice at hand.

IG: @marlenalnbg

This is Sarah: 
She is this consistent, loving and radiant woman. With lots of energy she knows what she want and pulls it through. 
She is passionate about dancing and especially likes to motivate others to have a little boogie together with her.
.She shows her power as a boss girl in the IT business at day, she transforms into one of the rainbow members at night, enjoying the best of both worlds  The fire is blazing inside her and wants to get out -so here we are Sarah and have conquered you, let's develop and shine together!



- Show Dance
- Show Dance with silk fans
- Show dance with wings (also LED for night possible)
- Show Dance with LED Whips  (only night time)
- artistic installation / story telling

Workshops on Festivals with our REmind Collective

- woman circle
- meditation journey
- free flow dance